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  • Welcome to Find A Doula International
  • Why is it called FindADoula when there are other birth services advertising here?

    The main drive behind our website is to give doulas a place to advertise their services, however, we want to provide a single space where expecting parents can find everything they need. It's stressful enough searching for one service but when you have to dig through the entire internet for multiples services it can be exhausting!

  • Does verify certifications?

    No. Currently we do not have the man power to verify certifications. We encourage expectant parents verify certifications and experience on their own.

  • Is a photo of myself required?

    Yes! If you submit your ad without a photo of yourself it will not be approved until one is added. We want searchers to be able to see the person they are potentially hiring.

  • Am I required to have photos of my certifications?

    No. You have the ability to add up to 10 photos to your ad and we HIGHLY recommended that a few of those are of your most important certifications. Seeing your actual certifications can help put parents at ease and feel more confident about reaching out to you.

  • Why does this website charge a monthly/annual fee?

    Charging for our services is important because we have to cover our costs for maintaining and updating this website. Also, unlike similar websites we run ads on social media to try and get our website in front of as many eyes as possible. We have worked very hard to keep our costs low in order for our services to be affordable.

  • Why does the video aspect of the profile only support youtube links?

    Our website is still in its infancy and this is the simplest way to allow users to add video, with the least amount of issues. In the near future we will look into other plugins to incorporate video.

  • What are featured ads?

    Featured ads appear on the front page, search map and profiles on the website. This is an additional service you can pay for so that your ad will appear more often on the website, thus increasing your chances of gaining clients.